LTCO. Mandatory Reporting and Whistle-blowing in Long-Term Care

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About this Course

Mandatory Reporting and Whistle-blowing is a self-paced orientation course on reporting and whistle blowing that will equip or refresh long-term care team members on the knowledge and skills required to support residents.

Understanding the obligation to report certain specific matters immediately is a critical skill for LTC team members as they care for residents from a position of power and trust. By taking this course, team members will learn the importance of reporting and raising concerns in situations of abuse, neglect or wrong doing to ensure the safety of residents. Team members will also learn what whistle-blowing is, when whistle-blowing is required, and what protection the Fixing Long-Term Care Act provides for whistle-blowers.

Learners will receive an Ontario CLRI certificate for completing this course.

About the Orientation eLearning series

The Orientation eLearning series, created by the Ontario CLRI at the RIA, provides education for new team members during orientation, and for existing team members during their annual training. These scenario-based and interactive eLearning courses ensure that learners have the knowledge and skills needed to assist the people they support and are in line with Ministry of Long-Term Care guidelines. They were developed using evidence-based best practices and adult education principles, in collaboration with subject matter experts and LTC leaders.


This course is for long-term care team members.


This eLearning course, part of the Orientation course series, was developed in 2023 by the Ontario CLRI at the RIA with the generous support of Schlegel Villages. We would like to thank the people who contributed to the development and review of content for this course:

Sherri Toleff, Director of Care, Fairview Mennonite Home
Jaimie Killingbeck, Associate Vice President, Quality and Innovation, Schlegel Villages
Pam Wiebe, Quality Specialist, Schlegel Villages


Ministry of Long-term Care. (n.d.). Whistle-blowing protections.