TE. Course 1. Team Essentials for Engaging Families in Distress

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Welcome to the Team Essentials for Engaging Families in Distress eLearning Course!

This course was designed to offer you evidence based tools, so you can support yourself, residents, families and your team to work together. It does this by helping you act on your desire to offer kindness, caring, and willingness to help. We also call this compassionate care. Using the tools and strategies offered in this course will help you improve care experiences for yourself and others.

In this course you will:

  • practice a method you can use when engaging with a family member who is in distress to prepare yourself to respond compassionately
  • explore how a family member’s expressions of distress are usually connected to feelings of grief and loss about their loved one’s situation
  • use a tool called ARC (Acknowledge, Reassure, and Clarify) to communicate effectively and compassionately with a family member who is in distress
  • reflect on conversations with family members to identify concerns that may be causing their distress
  • practice using the SBAR (Situation, Background, Action/Assessment, and Recommendation/Request) communication tool to share information about a family interaction with your other team members.

You will receive an Ontario CLRI certificate for completing this course.

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