Organizational Culture and the Mental Health of Healthcare Providers

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Andy MacKenzie

The Trauma and Recovery Research Unit at McMaster University, led by Dr. Margaret McKinnon, is currently running a research study, funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada and the Canadian Institutes for Health Research, exploring how a trauma-informed policy for staff can better support the mental health of healthcare providers and improve organizational culture and the workplace environment.

We would love to hear from healthcare providers from all levels of the organization, including leadership at both middle and senior management, and frontline providers. Interested healthcare providers may choose to participate in both an interview and a survey, or a survey alone.

This study will provide an essential step towards the development of trauma-informed policies, resources, and tools for healthcare leaders that can be used to prevent and/or mitigate the mental health impacts among Canadian HCPs who are suffering as a result of their service during COVID-19.

To participate in a survey and optional interview about your experiences, please follow this link:

If you have any questions, please email us at COVID19STUDY@MCMASTER.CA.

This study has been reviewed by the Hamilton Integrated Research Ethics Board #12667.