Related Resources – WeCARE Ambassador Workshop

Participant Workbook

A participant workbook will be distributed in advance to everyone who registers for the WeCARE Ambassador Workshop.

WeCARE Toolkit

A comprehensive toolkit, with a guidebook, posters, fact sheets and checklists, is included with the WeCARE eLearning Course.

Related Resources from Mental Health Innovations

The Caring Culture Playbook
A guide to building a caring culture where employees feel safe talking about mental health and confident supporting one another.

8 Benefits of Fostering a Caring Culture and How to Get Started
A caring culture instills pride in employees, builds trust and connection, and serves as a critical differentiator in a competitive market.  When the values of a caring culture become ingrained in management and employees, they become a part of the organization’s DNA, transforming them into a powerful force for change.

Three Approaches to Workplace Mental Health and the One All Leaders Should Consider
Stéphane Grenier, founder of Mental Health Innovations, explains how leaders have the opportunity to lean forward and help people develop the skills necessary to recognize and support a peer in distress by harnessing the power of human interaction.