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Collaborative Project is more than just an education program!

Expert coaching, support and resources is available for team members through a self-assessment, email support, one-on-one consulting, regular group check-ins. We will support your home through challenges and successes in achieving your Palliative care goals.

We are excited to have you here!

Core Leadership Team

  • Comprised of multiple stakeholders accountable to a common agenda, metrics, and outcomes
  • Participants share results, learn from each other, and move toward achievement of common goals
  • Silos between the different stakeholders in the sector must be broken and that we must initiate collaboration between provincial, regional, and local stakeholders to appropriately support homes


Tara Cohen
Program Manager

Pauline Schneider
Interprofessional Educator

Nadia Potoczny
Educational Coordinator

Lesley Hirst
Healthcare Consultant and Practitioner

Contact the Program Team:

Angelina Filip
Knowledge Broker, Ontario CLRI at Bruyere

Andrea Katz
Project Coordinator, Ontario CLRI at Bruyere

Joshua Freedman
Project Coordinator, Ontario CLRI at Bruyere